Stasiya was 4 days old when I first realized something wasn't right. She slept for 5 hours straight through the night. When she woke up she was very lethargic. Every time I picked her up she just cried. I noticed she was burning up so I called her pediatrician. He advised I bring her in and as soon as we got there and he looked at her within a minute they were calling an ambulance. Her heart rate was 255 and temperature was 102. The ambulance got there and put her on oxygen and in an incubator to transport her to the children's hospital. They took her to the NICU where they did a spinal tap and took her blood. No one would tell us what was happening. For 3 days they had no idea and didn't have any answers for us. Our baby was lifeless. Had an IV for fluids and oxygen. They did another spinal tap cause the first one had blood in after 3 days of being in the NICU. That's when the dr told us it was ParEchovirus. 48 hours later they released us and since that nightmare she has surpassed every obstacle since!

Jorge and Stefanie Vasquez, Olathe, Kansas, USA

Our beautiful boy Oskar was born happy & healthy with no complications on the 19th November 2013. After a bad night of not feeding and being extremely irritable with a slight temperature we called the nurses hotline and they advised us to go straight to the hospital. On arrival Oskar presented with a high temperature, lethargic, and now was covered in terrible red rash. Doctors took us straight through and took some blood, put in a cannula and did a lumbar puncture. He was only 7days old.  Read more.

Tara & Stephen, Newcastle, NSW, Australia



Callan was born on the 20th April 2014, 5 days early and entirely calmly and peacefully. No drama, and this was and still is his general outlook on life. Nothing bothers him. He took to breastfeeding like a wee pro and gaining weight rapidly and by the time he was 8 weeks weighed almost 13lbs. Then on the 28th June when Cal was 9 weeks old he woke up crying, but not just crying. Screaming.  Read more.

Alyson & Andrew Hughes, Glasgow, Scotland


He was perfectly healthy. No complications. We were in the hospital the normal 2 days. I took Sean to his Pediatrician on Monday June 30th 2014 and he was great. On Thursday July 3rd, I noticed that Sean was taking a longer then usual nap and went in to check on him. He felt a little warm so I took off his clothes, of course waking him up. He acted like he was hungry so I made him a bottle, sat down and started feeding him. As I was talking with one of my other boys, I felt Sean go limp. I looked down and Sean was turning purple and not breathing.  Read more.

Katie & George McClure, Lenexa, Kansas, USA


After a bad night my beautiful 2 week old baby boy, Pacey, crashed hard and fast on the 5th December 2013. At first I suspected it was bad wind but in the hour it took me to drop my older children at care and drive to the hospital he went downhill fast. Upon arriving at the hospital I pulled a patchy grey, hot and completely floppy child from the car. He whimpered like his whole body was broken every time he was moved or touched.

He was rushed to the resuscitation bay where the Doctors had multiple attempts to take bloods, put a cannula in (he was already severely dehydrated due to not being willing to feed and high temp) and took 3 different Doctors to perform a successful lumbar puncture. Read more.

Amy & Sean Quinn, Orange, NSW, Australia


Samuel was born exactly one month prematurely on 19th February 2014. He struggled from the outset to feed, and seemed a bit lethargic. He also had a brief episode of needing a warming lamp to help him maintain his temperature after birth, and then soon developed low blood sugars so was given a bottle of formula as he wasn’t breast feeding. We were put in a side room on the maternity ward, where I continued to struggle feed him, but he took the occasional breastfeed or bottle. When he was four days old he developed Jaundice, and was treated under phototherapy lights on a warming cot.  It was during this time that his difficulties with feeding really became apparent and my anxiety was really raised.  Read more.

Julie & James Lester, Worthing, United Kingdom

Bethany & Gwen

Carter & Milla


Baby Hinchcliff

Dylan, Logan & Mason

Seeing your child ill is emotionally challenging for any parent. Imagine learning your baby has a virus that could potentially take him or her away from you forever. And then, imagine learning that your baby's twin also has this virus.

Bethany and Gwen Patterson were born at 34 weeks, and spent three weeks in Special Care nursery before being discharged and sent home.  A week later, parents Rob and Krista noticed Gwen was not enjoying being handled, was uncharacteristically upset and constantly whining. After a night of IV antibiotics at a local hospital, Gwen's condition was rapidly deteriorating and she was transported to the Royal Children's Hospital where she was immediately admitted to the ICU.  Read more

The Patterson's, Melbourne, Australia

Our twins Carter and Milla were born on the 21st of November 6 weeks early but happy and healthy, and good weights. They both spent a week in special care, and we were looking at coming home in the next couple of days. On night 7 we received a phone call to say that Carter was having seizures and apneas. We rushed to the hospital to see the team prepping Carter for a transfer to the NICU at the neighboring hospital. He was stablised and placed on anti seizure medication. He had an MRI the next day which showed extensive white matter changes, that no one in Australia had seen before.  Read more

Alex & Sam Goodwin, Newcastle, Australia

our stories:

Our little girl was born on the 8th of October 2013 perfectly heathly and content baby. On the night of the 21st of October 2013 she presented with a temp of 38.9 and had been lethargic and not interested in feeding she had also had diarrhoea during the day. We were admitted to our local hospital that night and she started IV antibiotics and fluids.On day 3 she presented red swollen hands and feet and within hours a rash had developed all over her. We were transferred to Westmead children's hospital on day 5 and she slowly got better on her own and were sent home on day 9. About 5 weeks later we found out she had had parechovirus. She has had no long term damage or effects from it.

Amanda & Glenn Scharfe, Sydney, Australia

Our 4 week old presented with high temps, not feeding and lethargy. We were admitted to hospital on the 10th January 2014. Our baby had a lumbar puncture on admission which resulted (a few weeks later) in a positive result for Parechovirus. We were discharged from hospital within a week and it took around 10+ weeks for him to recover. 

Ben & Amy Hinchcliff, New South Wales, Australia

This past year we were blessed and surprised with the natural conception of identical triplets, born on October 17, 2014. After a brief and uneventful three-week stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), they were sent home. About ten days later, they started showing signs that something was wrong. They had periodically been coughing and occasionally turned blue when feeding, but we were told that this was somewhat ‘normal’ for preemies and nothing to be concerned about.  With the only additional symptoms being extreme lethargy and a decreased interest in feeding, they were seen in the pediatrics department of Marshfield Clinic and later admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at Ministry St. Joseph’s in Marshfield on November 17, 2014. Once admitted, their conditions deteriorated very quickly, dropping in oxidation levels on a regular basis. In the next 24 hours, all three were intubated.  Read more.

Bryan & Stacey Weichelt, Stratford, Wisconsin, USA