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At Parechovirus Research, we aim to rebuild hope where it’s been damaged or lost. Our focus lies on funding new research and increasing world-wide awareness of Human Parechovirus. There are many advances in medical technology yet to be discovered and we hope that our efforts can inspire and mobilize new research.  Examples include: creation of a vaccine, more advanced diagnostic processes and testing, genetic susceptibility research, and child development following virus-caused brain injury.



AS PARENTS OF CHILDREN WHO HAVE SURVIVED PARECHOVIRUS TYPE 3, WE are passionate and motivated to do what we can.  we want to help. 


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our stories

Each year, families around the world are challenged with the emotional struggles of parechovirus effects on their children. These are our stories.


We have a simple, but robust mission: to promote new research and awareness of Human Parechovirus. 


For all the advances in modern medicine, there is very little known about parechovirus and its lasting effects on infants, children, and adults. 


There are few resources available about exposure and prevention.   Here is an excellent fact sheet from the New South Wales, Australia.